EuroGEO at a Glance


EuroGEO is s Europe’s part of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), a worldwide network. The Initiative will focus on the following strategic actions:

  • Engaging with a broad range of users in Europe for identifying their needs for EO based services or products, building on the wide range of European EO assets, and addressing also the inter-connections between various groups and policy areas.

  • Demonstration, incubation, upscaling, downscaling, or replication of existing EO services and products across Europe (and beyond), also through streamlining innovation instruments available at EU, national or sub-national levels and actively promote synergies;

  • Connecting European EO research communities, service providers, including the private sector, and users to allow for mutual learning and spreading of good practices and successful business models across Europe;

  • Further the design of a European digital ecosystem that supports access and inter-operability of EO data and provides benefits to businesses, citizens, and scientists/researchers and promotes the GEO vision in Europe to realise a future where decisions and actions are informed by evidence;

  • Supporting the consolidation of national GEO management structures across Europe.
Find the video of the EuroGEO Workshop 2023 below